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Monday, August 25, 2003

Hey there everyone. Well, I'm writing this to inform everyone why the obvious lack of updates lately has taken place. I've been keeping pretty damn busy with work and updating just hasn't been an option. Don't worry though, in due time we will come full revolution and I will be back to my old ways. Just don't give up on AlfForPresident and remember, the light at the end of the tunnel, may be you! Goodnight!

Comments by: YACCS
Monday, August 11, 2003

This is a real ad being used in a real campaign going on in California right now.

Comments by: YACCS

The IMDB Bottom 100 List
There are some pure shit movies on this list. It's good to see Gigli rated worst. Some of the movies cracked me up I just hadn't thought about them in so long, like Leonard Part 6 at #17, or Santa With Muscles at #10 starring Hulk Hogan.

Comments by: YACCS
Friday, August 08, 2003

There's nothing like some good old fashioned abortion humor with Cletus the Fetus

Comments by: YACCS

You have to check out this great listing of sweet 80's cartoons! I forgot how many gems there were!

Comments by: YACCS

Penis-Enlargement Pill Failure May Finally Be Solved!
To the extreme!!!

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Welcome to our website:
Black People Love Us!

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Thursday, August 07, 2003

A truly glorious thing came across my Launchcast player just now.

Comments by: YACCS

This is one of the most offensive shockwave games on the net, yet why am I so compelled to try and beat my high score?

Comments by: YACCS
Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Ok, check this shit out. Maxim magazine stole a picture from my Day After page and put it in their magazine and on their website. This really doesn't bother me, but I would have liked some recognition, or at least a notice telling me they were gonna use my pic. I just happened to stumble across it as I was partaking in a little bit of light reading on the toilet the other day. This is in their newest issue and I have had that web page up since March so it's not even a "who posted it first" matter. Also, you can tell they used my posted "jpg" instead of a source submitted to them, because mine was originally in "bmp" which I'm sure they would have preferred had that option of file been presented to them to prevent the grainy pic in their mag.

Comments by: YACCS

Internet dating can be hilarious.

Comments by: YACCS

Is it even possible for a wedding to be more classy than this?

Comments by: YACCS
Monday, August 04, 2003

Wow. Those whiney PETA fucks sure seem uneasy when they aren't the ones hassling the meat eaters. I'm all for someone being a vegetarian if they want, but you try and force your views on me and I'm gonne shove a Butterball Turkey straight up your ass.

Comments by: YACCS

Who's hungry?

Comments by: YACCS

I am so glad this movie bombed. There is a god!

Comments by: YACCS
Friday, August 01, 2003

The "Priceless" parodies have finally made it to video form.

Comments by: YACCS

If you wanna listen to some good music, then check out my Launchast radio station. It rocks!

Comments by: YACCS

Fetal Bowling Balls

My Launchcast Radio Station

Deep Thought
of the Day

As a regular visitor to the strip club, I thought I knew my surroundings pretty well. But something had been bugging me for a long while. Something I couldn't quite put my finger on. Then it hit me. The dancing, topless girls, numbering twelve in total, all bore a striking resemblance to Jay Leno.

I think the best way to argue with someone is whenever they make a point say "That sounds like something Hitler might say." They'll get really quiet, and you can then make a counter-point.

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