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Thursday, December 20, 2001

Some of the stuff they do at The Spark is pretty funny. They have all kinds of tests that help you decide things about yourself. Like they tell you if your a slut, or a bastard, or a Barbara Streisand fan. They also have this section devoted to highly scientific experiments. One of the experiments was called The Fat Project, and that was pretty funny. The best part of the site I found though was an experiment that I think might have been a benefit for all of mankind. This great scientific breakthrough was code-named Stinkymeat.

Comments by: YACCS

Ok, so it's been a few days since I've updated but ever since the last comments site went down I've kind of been disenchanted with updating, cuz I wanna hear people's feedback. I wish one of those sites would open and just let people pay a few bucks to use the comments cuz I would do that. I wouldn't pay an exorbanent amount or anything, but I'd pay something. I was thinking about buying some micro ads on the main Blogger page, but if I'm not gonna get responses, and comments back from people I'm not gonna buy them. I wish I could use the ones that are still available, but all the available ones won't work with my angelfire site I use for this blogger. I'm just not sure what I'll do if I'm not able to get comments soon.

Comments by: YACCS
Monday, December 17, 2001

I've been thinking lately, and I've come to the conclusion that a newspaper would be much more interesting if the things in the paper all involved people I knew, or if I was able to pick the person myself. Also, it would be better if this person I selected was written about because he or she had committed a crime of some sort.

Comments by: YACCS

Ok, so was it just me or was anyone else really pissed when Jackass got taken off the air? I know I was. I'm pretty excited about the idea that they might be making a Jackass movie though. I don't think I could get sick of people hurting themselves for my enjoyment.
(right click on the link and hit "Save Target As")

Comments by: YACCS
Thursday, December 13, 2001

Has anyone out there ever paid a visit to the restroom, and upon leaving, felt like they just lost 10 pounds? Don't worry, everyone's felt that way before, apparently some more than others because a new type of toilet's been patented. This new type will help to tell a person just how many pounds of excrement they've just disposed of. This toilet is to be referred to as the feces scale, and it sure is a wonderful thing.

Comments by: YACCS

So, has Saint Nick always been a wholesome figure in your mind? Has the thought of some imaginary figure that can bring so much joy to so many children just by being fat and jolly make you smile? Could you never imagine Santa doing wrong? This picture should do away with that good mental image you have.

Comments by: YACCS
Wednesday, December 12, 2001

Is it just me or does the idea of two pieces of furniture goin at it really turn some people on? Well, to those of you who feel like I do, there's now a site that caters to our needs. It goes by the name of Furniture Porn.

Comments by: YACCS
Tuesday, December 11, 2001

So, it's been awhile since we've seen him last. He's been to hell, to Manhattan, and spent many years at good old Crystal Lake. Now, he's back, even more of a badass than ever, he's got a new mask, and he's in space! Get ready for Jason X.

Comments by: YACCS
Monday, December 10, 2001

Has everyone heard! There's been a scientific breakthrough! Scientists have invented the technology and we've officially made the best shirt ever!

Comments by: YACCS

I never much got to reading many books. I suppose that fact's prevented me from becoming as "cultured" as some. To be honest I've not read much of anything that wasn't forced down my gullet by some sort of a school. One thing I used to enjoy as a kid though was comic books. I think every boy had his comic phase. When I first wandered throught the website for the Matrix I found they had a pretty neat comics sections, and I came across something that wasn't so much a comic as it was just a short story and I quickly came to the conclusion it was probably the most intriguing short story I've ever read. I've probably read this short somewhere around a hundred times and it never gets dull. You should check it out, it's only a few pages long, and it's called Goliath.

Comments by: YACCS

So, whats this little one got on his mind?

Comments by: YACCS

I keep looking and looking and I've come to the conclusion that there is not a single ridicuolous idea that doesn't have an internet page. Think of the strangest thing you can, and there's a web page for it. I personally have always been fond of something that never used to have a web page, but now, lucky for me, there is a web page that covers the fine art of jamming a pair of scissors repeatedly into your crotch.

Comments by: YACCS
Saturday, December 08, 2001

I got called a sick motherfucker on one of my message boards the other day because of my Fetal Bowling Balls website. I suppose that's true a little. The idea of a human fetus inside a bowling ball is kind of gross, but then again I think it's funnier than it is gross. Or maybe I just think the fact that my site will piss some people off is funny. I think that's probably it. I like pissing off the too easily offended people. They deserve everything they get those whining pukes. My site's not that bad anyway. Plus I got all those new options that are available for the fetus's like mullets and extra appendages.

Comments by: YACCS

Well, I just added the little comments thing below each addition I make to this page. It's looking horribly pathetic at the moment since I just put this here and nobody's made any comments yet, plus lets face it, I'm not sure too many people actually visit here. So, if you're here, and you've got an extra second or two to waste, put a few comments in after some of my posts. If you could do that for me I'd greatly appreciate it, and I'd be more than willing to hand out sexual favors to any of the famales about. **Wink Wink**

Comments by: YACCS

Variety reports that Jerry Bruckheimer will produce a film inspired by the famous Disney theme park ride "The Pirates of the Carribean". Ok, so I'm a big Bruckheimer/Michael Bay fan and what the fuck are they thinking! These guys gave us movies like Top Gun, Days of Thunder, The Rock, Enemy of the State, and Con-Air. Why in the hell are they making movies based on fucking Disney theme park rides. They're definately losing some credibility in my eyes for this tremendously shitty idea, and also for that damn chick movie Coyote Ugly (although there was some smokin hot bootie in that one).

Comments by: YACCS

So, I've been thinking about it and there aren't really any Japanese practices, or hobbies that I think I could really enjoy. I mean, they eat mostly raw food (which is a practice I think I'll not even try thank you very much), and they fold little bits of paper into shapes and call it origami. Well, maybe that whole origami thing could be more interesting. Like say if there was a kind of origami different from all the rest. This type could make shapes that are much more interesting. No more fucking swans with flapping arms. I don't think I've ever had the urge in real life to see a swan, much less fold a little god damn swan out of paper, that's just stupid. I'm talking about coming up with much more interesting shapes, and by interesting I guess I would be talking about a unique type of dirty origami.

Comments by: YACCS
Friday, December 07, 2001

Well, it's Christmas time again kiddies, and along with all the lights, and trees, and cookies, there's one thing on the minds of hundreds of millions of childrens minds throughout the world. That's right, Santa Yoda!

Comments by: YACCS

I'm still dealing with issues involving ALF being taken off the air. I mean come on! Those fuckin network execs know absolutely nothing.

Just look at that guy! He should still be running the airwaves, damnit all.

I mean sure, the father in the show just got arrested for getting high on heroine and having sex with homeless guys, but it was still a quality show, and pops will never be a gay druggie in my mind.

Comments by: YACCS

I tell ya what, there are so many injustices that happen everyday in this world. People get away with murder, steal from the poor, listen to Yanni, and so often this perpetrator gets away scott free. Well, there is one page on this beautiful internet of ours I like to visit on a regular basis. It helps to put things in perspective. Makes me realize that all the stupid people of the world don't get away with as much as they pay the price for. And let's admit to ourselves here, being stupid is just as bad as being a criminal. If you're a dimwit you too, are a nuisance to society, just like the thief or sheep molester. So, I thank a man who once lived named Darwin, and I thank god every day for the Darwin Awards.

Comments by: YACCS

Ok, so is it just me or is there something scary as all hell about clowns? The way they smile is just so evil and scary. When I was a kid my mom used to have these two great big pictures hanging on the wall of my bedroom of two scary as shit clowns. I used to lay in bed worried I was gonna be murdered in my sleep by those fuckin evil things. They'd just grin their evil grin at me all night. I'm thinking those pictures might be the reason that to this day I hate clowns.

Comments by: YACCS
Thursday, December 06, 2001

Got a kind of kinky girlfriend?
Afraid that one of these days she's gonna bring up some new suggestion about a position or something, and you'll be clueless as to what she's talking about cuz you don't know any of those new fangled sexual terms?
Well, I have just the site for you. It teaches you all the position oriented terms you'll ever need to know, and it'll definately show you how to impress your girlfriend.

Comments by: YACCS

Is it just me or has anyone else here thought before that more web pages need to use porn slang more frequently in their vocabulary? Well, if it was just me who's always thought this than the gods must have heard, cuz low and behold, you can now pornolize any web page you feel should be more porned up. Such a great idea this is.

Comments by: YACCS

Has anyone here been to Metababy? Well, it's kind of a pointless site, but it's kind of cool too. You just get to make up whatever you want, pictures , sayings, whatever, and post it instantly on the web. You get to modify what other people posted, or make fun of them, or just erase everything they've posted. It's really pretty sweet, and a good way to waste several minutes. I've many a time gotten into huge arguments with people on there, making fun of their mothers or sisters. It can be pretty amusing. You should pay them a visit.

Comments by: YACCS

I've now realized that this page is more technologically advanced than memepool. It's weird. I mean, don't get me wrong, they still have thousands on top of thousands of people everyday submitting quality info to them so they get better links and what not, but hopefully I'll be there before long. Plus they don't get all the different colors and what not on their page. I wish I could specify the colors though. I'm not a big fan of the screen when it turns a deep pink on me. Makes me think I should hide the screen from my co-workers, in fear that all my Monroe bred co-workers will only fear that young guy even more, cuz of his newly revealed feminine qualities, "that explains that ear ring", is what they'll be saying to each other.

Comments by: YACCS

I've been pondering the idea a lot lately, and I'm just not sure that people really appreciated their poo until they were forced to rate it. There's just something so satisfying knowing that your poo is just a little bit better than somebody elses. Kinda gives ya that warm comforting feeling all over.

Comments by: YACCS

Ok, so I'm not quite up on this whole Blogger thing yet. I already typed one of these and it never published it, even though I told it to. I read on the status page that yesterday Blogger was having some problems publishing to new templates, so maybe they just haven't fixed it yet. Either that or I'm just a dumb shit, probably the later. Anyway, lets give this a shot again. Off to the publish button I go. p.s. - to anyone reading this who got to the part that said Blogger and just thought "what the fuck does that mean?" it's just the software I use to post to this message board. It's pretty cool and advanced and if you're interested in starting one of your own just go to Blogger.com.

Comments by: YACCS

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As a regular visitor to the strip club, I thought I knew my surroundings pretty well. But something had been bugging me for a long while. Something I couldn't quite put my finger on. Then it hit me. The dancing, topless girls, numbering twelve in total, all bore a striking resemblance to Jay Leno.

I think the best way to argue with someone is whenever they make a point say "That sounds like something Hitler might say." They'll get really quiet, and you can then make a counter-point.

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